Asiansexdiary - Swedish Model
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Swedish Model



Dear Diary, Good lord, I was so lucky last night. After having fucked this delicious Malaysian girl, I got a message (at night) from the Swedish model that I found on the Craigs List. I was already in bed but she was in a bar and asked if I could come over for a drink. Of course, baby!! As she was a model, I avoided shooting her in secret when I met her at 11pm. She was easygoing and super-fun, from the start, and after 2 hours of talking… I got to take her to my place! As we already had agreed on making pictures, I was quite confident that this was going to be fun. She first wanted to take a shower and I decided to go inside with my phone and just shoot. The fucking bitch didn’t mind at all and started to flirt like crazy! She sucked my dick and I fucked and creampied her right there in the shower. My goodness, life can be beautiful. We then went to my bed but we were both exhausted. I was hoping to shoot her in the morning again but she was not into it anymore when we woke up 🙁 typical Anyways, when she left, she said that I have to visit her in Sweden when I go there. I will! If all that was not great already, I got a message from Khieuw (at noon today) saying that she has a really beautiful Thai friend for me for tomorrow. She said that she looks like a model. My God, have mercy! Stay tuned, guys!