Asiansexdiary - Daphne
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Daphne


Pornstar: Daphne

Dear Diary, I visited the harbor this morning. Very cute and authentic… but no pussy around, so I went back to my hotel and had my date with Daphne, at 1pm. She’s a Ukrainian girl on holiday here in Bali and she’s also a very good friend of Amira‘s. Not sure if she is in porn but I had no time to do the research anyways. And besides, since she knows Amira, I already expected that this date would turn into something more exciting. We met at a little Spanish bar next to my hotel where she was already waiting for me and making selfies when I arrived. I knew that there was going to be fireworks from the moment that I saw her. Those sexy clothes, her smiles and her flirty behavior further fed into my fantasies. She did play a little hard to get at first though and when we finally got to talking about going to my room to take pictures of her, she asked me how much I would give her. Fuck – caught me off guard. Hell… $100 USD for 30 minutes??? She agreed after making me promiss that there would be no sex involved. I knew better, of course. It’s just an excuse to get more money out of me later. From the walk to the elevator and to my room, I started to touch her and play with her. She acted like she did not want it but we all know better. I’m no fool to this game and I play it well. Once in my room, we started to make the pics and she suddenly become wilder, posing like a real slut and teasing me the whole time. As expected, I had to add another $100 to be allowed to touch her. When I started to touch her, I discovered that she was not wearing any panties or bra… she knew what she was doing and had this all planned from the get-go. Feeling generous, I gifted her another 100 and was allowed to lick her pussy. Kind of like playing the slots – but the rewards are much higher! I knew that getting to fucking would be easy at this point… and I was right. First, I made her cum. Next, I took off my pants and started to fuck her without even asking. EASY. And another great fuck for this trip! You guys are sure getting spoiled lately 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever added so many trophies like I have in the first month of this year. Anyways, the action went on and on. She came a second time and I fucked her in all the positions. She even took her phone out to make selfie videos of herself, while sucking my dick. What a slut, my God. She even filmed when I gave her a facial. Haha, crazy girl. She promised to send me the video later. We had some food together and then she went back to her own apartment. She will now have some time with her friends here and promised to see me again before leaving. Just got a message from Fang, as well. Our date on the 14th is still on!!