Asiansexdiary - Freshes Secret
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Freshes Secret



Dear Diary, I went to a bar in Malate tonight and hooked up with a super cute lady, named Freshes. She a 20yo Caucasian looking Filipina who’s probably the daughter of a western guy. She was very friendly in the bar and I told her that I liked to make pictures. She said she liked that too. Once at my hotel, she took a shower and I took my cam to watch. it all went well and she didn’t mind me filming her, even when she was peeing! But once we went to the bedroom, she said “cut”… I tried to talk to her but she didn’t like the filming while having sex. There you can see how I literally ate her pussy like a crazy man. Loved it! Great sex over all! Loved her ass too. Pity I couldn’t shoot it for real but at least you guys have something to enjoy also 🙂