Asiansexdiary - German Tourist & Off T ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - German Tourist & Off T ...



Dear Diary, I finally got a message from that German girl last night at 11pm. She was in a bar on love lane, so I went there immediately. She was there with 2 other German girls whom were already kissing and flirting with other guys. One was a young black American and the other an older Malaysian guy. He seemed to be rich, paying for all of our drinks. So 3 guys and 3 hot horny young German lusty ladies! Mine was really hot and skinny. I liked her a lot. I must say, the one whom was kissing the Malay guy was even hotter. Blonde and tall. Damn, that was hard but she was taken and I was more than happy with mine. The girl had been waiting for me and was all over me from the start. After a few drinks, we went to my room and had a wild sex. Sadly, she was acting so crazy and told me to wait for the video in the morning. She promised me 3 times. So in the morning, that’s what I did and luckily she kept her promise. I am happy I can show you how I fucked this skinny horny slut on vacation. She was much more silent and calm in the morning but you could still see on her naughty smile just how crazy this girl was. After I creampied her, she left and I really had to hurry to the airport. On my way to Bali, I saw a few more hot chicks. What a day! I am now in my Flamingo Hotel. I have been here before. Let’s have a crazy week here in Bali!