Asiansexdiary - Karolina
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Karolina


Pornstar: Karolina

Dear Diary, I was ready to go hunting again today and damn, I fished something big! I was on my way to take the subway when I saw a sexy mature passing by. There was something very exciting about her and I decided to follow her. She went shopping in a grocery store, so I went in there as well. There, I used one of my old tricks… I pretended that I needed help finding something. She was very friendly and was clearly eager to help me. Her name is Karolina. After she helped me, I let her do her shopping and I pretended to do mine. When she left the store, I followed her again and played the nice tourist who liked to have a talk. She seemed to be very open to this, so I took the risk and asked her for a picture. She clearly hesitated but did it. That’s when I invited her for a coffee. She said yes, the game was on. We talked for 30 minutes about her boring life and job, and I talked about my super-exciting life. haha. It always works with the ladies and especially with single matures, like her. I dared to invite her to my place and again she doubted but I could tell that she was into a good fuck. I pretended the be the artistic photographer, that’s always a winner, so I started to win this game. Yes, I got her to my apartment and I got her undressed. After a few kisses and touching, this 38yo Czech mature got exactly what she desperately needed: my dick deep in her mouth and twat! Hahahaha. This was so much fun, and super exciting, I can tell you. Using some dirty talk always does miracles, as well. I turned this mature lady’s boring 9 to 5 life into a hardcore pornslut-experience with a good facial shot, as the cherry on the cake. I am proud of myself and I am honestly starting to love this place.