Asiansexdiary - Gib: Dress revenge!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Gib: Dress revenge!


Pornstar: Gib

Dear Diary, Pang eventually did leave this morning and I discovered later that she left all her dresses in my room. Of course, this is not a coincidence or an accident. She is doing this on purpose to make it impossible for other girls to come to my room. She is marking her territory. But you know me, I don’t give a fuck. It even gave me little idea: Why not find a girl, dress her up with Pang’s dresses and fuck her with them on. I call it a dress revenge! So I went out in the afternoon, to the beach. I really had to find a girl today, I needed urgent fuck and revenge. Just arrived on Jomtien Beach when a girl started to wave at me. She looked cute, so I approached her. She was super cute. Gib, a 18yo fresh girl living in Jomtien with her Family. Great body and cute green braces. Just perfect. She was smiling and didn’t mind posing for me. It was clear that she liked me, as well. I asked her to join me in my room to make more pics there and she grabbed my hand. This was clear that I was going to have a good time. Once in my room, we started to make pictures and she just did it so well. Once in awhile, I kissed her. I asked her to take off her pants and she seemed shy, at first, but once they were off, she liked to show off her red panties and ass. That’s the moment where I showed her one of Pang’s dresses and asked her to wear it. She did it instantly and it made me even more horny! Just the idea of fucking another girl wearing one of pang’s dresses in secret behind her back gave me such a boner. Gib and I started to kiss, grabbing boobs, eating pussy and sucking dick! We were both super horny and we fucked each other wildly. She loved it on top and came. I creampied her in doggy. This was exactly what I needed. Gib was the girl I needed today. Such a naughty sweetheart. She left 1 hour later. I got a message from Pang asking if everything was OK. I said: “More than OK darling, I am admiring your dresses in my room”. She replied: “Sorry I forgot” with a smiley-face. Yeah right. She must have know, haha. I kind of like this game. I am going to find other girls to fuck in Pang’s dresses. That’s my goal this week!