Asiansexdiary - Mint
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mint


Pornstar: Mint B

Dear Diary, I really had little no no hope in finding one of these Pocari Sweat promo models again, when I was walking on my way to Lumphini park, but see… miracles DO happen! Just where I was going to cross the street, I saw one of these girls in blue and standing alone. I went straight to her and said “hello”. She was all-smiles and very easy to talk with. She had just finished her shift and was standing at the promo stand all day long. Her name is Mint, a 22yo. She was there waiting for a friend to pick her up. When I was asking about her being a promo model, she got shy and said that this was the best “model” work she could do, as she was not tall enough for the big events. I picked up on that and started to sweet-talk her into believing that she could be a real model… for me, at least… haha. She totally took the bait and after some flirting, Mint agreed to go to my place and pose for some more pictures there. On the way, she even continued doing her duties for the soft drink company by giving me and the taxi driver each a bottle! Such a good girl! She was very flirty, giving me all sorts of hints that she was into having “fun”! Once in my room, that seemed even more to be the case. She was easy to pose and smiled with her soft drinks. I kind of felt that this was going to happen… much easier then I could have ever had imagined. Once I got a kiss from her, she started to touch my pants and from there on it went all to business-as-usual in Asia! She gave me a good blowjob before I then took off her pants, licked her pussy and made her cum. I was so horny that I even came, as well, in our first position. Creampied within 5 minutes! Promo girls are always extremely exciting to me! But guys, don’t worry… 10 minutes later and we started a second round – Of which I will edit for tomorrow!