Asiansexdiary - Hanya
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Hanya


Pornstar: Hanya

Dear Diary, Couldn’t sleep well last night and needed a drink so I walked to the 7eleven and didn’t bring my camera. Suddenly, there was a Filipina there smiling at me. I took my iPhone and started to film her that way. We talked and she was willing to go to my room. I explained to her that I was wanting to make some pics of her. She loved the idea and she liked me a lot. I saw that in her eyes. She was flirting all the time. I knew that this was an easy trophy. Not a stunner but cute for sure. Her name is Hanya and is a 22yo domestic helper. We started to make pics and she continued to flirt. She was really into getting fucked and of course this is what I did. She gave me a great BJ and I really liked her pussy. Crazy that I fucked her from 4am till 6am! Then, just like that, she left running to her job. My guess is that she is lonely and looking for male company when it’s not too busy at her boss’ house. Many do in HK. They go to Wan Chai discos, hoping to hookup. Hanya just arrived 2 months ago and is fresh and joyful. This was a good start of my new visit in HK!