Asiansexdiary - Daisy’s hungry
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Daisy’s hungry


Pornstar: Daisy

Dear Diary, Daisy came over again but she was acting a little strange. Complaining about being hungry and about being filmed.I asked her for a BJ (especially for you guys) but she didn’t want to again. “Next time”, she said. Everything started off-camera at first because she didn’t want to but later on, as you can see, I managed to turn the camera on and she let me do my thing. I know she enjoys posing. I love her body.. she is absolutely perfect. I always get horny the moment she enters the room. We had a great fuck but then she wanted to go home… see it for yourself at the end of my diary entry today… some real Filipina dramatical acting. 100% real fucking bitch behaviour! She put me in a bad mood. I wish she would really love me sometimes.. haha… but no worries! I still have Ann and Laiza, my two pussy-delivery girlfriends. Good advice from Master Tron: If the girl enters the room talking about being hungry, having pain here or there, talking about her telephone, electricity or water bill, a family member that just died or that just came to visit her house, a storm that destroyed their house, a baby that needs to have milk … the only reason why she comes to visit you, it’s for the money. Don’t react to any of these, just deny the subject, rid her of her clothes and fuck her wildly. Believe me, these bitches know how to play a scene while trying to make you feel sorry or guilty… they are very good at it (it’s part of their cultural education) and I promise you that none of the reasons they come up with are true.