Asiansexdiary - Maya Aug30
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Maya Aug30


Pornstar: Maya

Dear Diary, I got a message from Laiza this morning that her friend canceled our meeting. She had her menz. Laiza would look for another girl. The problem is that I leave after tomorrow. Only 10 minutes later, I got a message from Maya… I had to think who she was again. Suddenly I knew, it was a friend of Laiza’s, asking if she could see me. I said “of course” but knew I had to be careful here. She probably heard from Laiza that I was back and wanted to have me all alone this time (remember the last time we had a great 3some, with Laiza). 10 minutes later, she was here and she still looked exactly the same as last year, a simple girl-next-door. We talked and she did say that Laiza was not aware of her seeing me. So I asked her to keep it a secret and started to play games with her, asking if she would like to be my GF. Oh yea, she wanted. haha Man, I started to get so horny just by the idea that she was cheating on her friend. Naughty little girl next door, come here and suck my dick!!! I fucked her like a wild man would, keeping her clothes mostly still on. This was so horny and she loved it. I think this was even one of my best creampies… she left as fast as she came and she said she would come back tomorrow. Yes please, I’ll fuck her wildly again!