Asiansexdiary - An: Student #3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - An: Student #3


Pornstar: An D

Dear Diary, Back to student hunting today. I decided to go at 5pm instead of the afternoon. Good choice, since the student cuties were all over the place. First outside, then inside the mall. I spotted a few girls with glasses and that really turned me on so when I saw one girl walking alone with glasses, I decided to follow her. She seemed to be alone and heading to the floor where the restaurants are, so I used one of my old tricks: asking for some help. “Do you know where the restaurants are?” It’s such a classic one but always works. This girl looked so cute, I just had to go for it. I was lucky as she was going to eat, herself, so I simply invited her to eat together. To my experience, this always works well with Asian girls…. and it did. So there we were, sitting together, talking about her. 18yo student from hotel school. It’s her first year and not such a good student. I knew why.. just too fucking naughty! She was talking such good English, she must have fucked a lot of foreigners already. She said she didn’t but from her reaction, I knew. There was so much erotic tension between us, you could just see it in her body language. So, when I asked her to do some more pics in my room, she said “yes” of course. I had no doubt I was going to fuck her… and I was right! Just watch this episode, how naughty she was. Already, she started to touch my jeans when we only made a few pics on the bed. I undressed her a bit to see her panties and she simply started to give me head and then followed 30 minutes of horny student fucking. This girl was just wonderful. Loved her. I guess I did it again! 3 students in one fucking week, creampied in their school uniforms. What a wonderful first week back in Asia this was! Ok guys, I will stay here one more week before going to China again.