Asiansexdiary - Nok
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nok


Pornstar: Nok C

Dear Diary, I got a message yesterday from that ladyboy that I met with Meen, remember? She told me that Meen was into a shoot, finally!! But… not now, as she has her mens. Meem had another friend for me instead, an 18yo student whom was willing to come tonight. So, we agreed to meet at 7pm in the bar street. I was very curious to see this girl and guys, I was very lucky again. This girl, named Nok, was just wonderful. Petite, small, lovely and no baby. So, no stretch marks for sure 😉 I took her to my room and we started with a shoot. I decided to go slowly with this one. The ladyboy had told me that she never had been with a white guy before and never even did this! I was afraid that she would pull away once getting more serious, but she didn’t. She just did everything I asked and was very willing to get fucked by master John. I must say that she was really an angel. Smooth soft skin, beautiful body, small boobs and a perfectly-shaped pussy. When she was posing nude in doggy, I could not resist licking her pussy. Got so horny that I pulled out my dick and inserted into her small and wet pussy. So good, man. Then, I asked her to give me a BJ and she did it without any problem. I was already very satisfied fucking her like this, but the best part still had to come. When back in doggy, I decided to try her little virgin ass, and again, she just let me do my thing. My god, this was just wonderful! I am sure many of you will be very happy now. Creampied her ass, as she deserved that much. What a good girl, my god. Wish they were all that easy! She then left, leaving me her number. I’d like to see that one again!