Asiansexdiary - Sa: Dress revenge 3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Sa: Dress revenge 3


Pornstar: Sa

Dear Diary, Finally, part3 of my dress revenge game today. I called again for one of my previous Tuktukpatrol models. I called her this morning and she could come at 1pm. Perfect again, Pang would not come home before 7pm. Sa is her name, a 24yo girl who works in massage. I once met her on a beach. I was happy that she could come over. I remembered that she was a real good fucker. Once she arrived in my room, I just wanted to fuck her. I did not take too many pictures. We started to kiss immediately. She is really passionate, I love that. I licked her pussy when she still had her clothes on. She also gave me a great BJ and then took off her clothes. After a good BJ session, I took Pang’s third dress and put it in Sa. It was just perfect on her and I fucked her hard with that dress on. I love this game guys, haha. Next time that I buy clothes for a girl, I will always remember this. I fucked Sa hard in Doggy as well and creampied her. Then we talked a little more. She left at 4pm. 3 hours later, Pang arrived and asked me why her blue dress was in the bathroom. Fuck, I forgot to put it back. I told her I wanted to put all her things together and to clean up the room. She seemed to believe me. And if not… who cares. I won this game, already. 😉