Asiansexdiary - Yung
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Yung


Pornstar: Yung

Dear Diary, Did my usual tour passing the Mekong river, close to a place where I had found sluts before. I was finally lucky this time. I saw a girl sitting alone, in high heels and clearly an evening dress… at 1 in the afternoon. I didn’t need more to know that I needed to step up and ask if I could take a picture. Her English was very poor, so I decided to just do what I wanted. I ended up taking a lot of pictures and just told her “you come with me to my hotel”. She said “yes”. As simple as that. Her name is Yung, a 19yo student. Finally, a young girl again. In my room, I started to realize how sexy this girl was and the good thing was is that she also liked me a lot. This went smooth and well. We got undressed and took a shower, then on to action. Great BJ. I ate her pussy and made her cum. Then, a good long fuck-session. Loved her boobs and tight pussy. Creampied her, as usual. When we ended, she was very happy and asked me to meet again. Yes, baby, if I have time 😉 Tomorrow, I will go check out the bar street where all the tourists go.