Asiansexdiary - Aileen’s turn (with M ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Aileen’s turn (with M ...


Pornstar: Mercy Aileen

Dear Diary, I went back to Manila today to see Mercy and Aileen again. I got a message from Aileen last night, saying that her ‘mens’ was over. I didn’t want to loose this opportunity. I took an early taxi. My two friends were already waiting for me at my hotel. Once in the room, within 5 minutes, I was getting a bj from Mercy but my camera was still in my bag. I loved her lipstick on my dick. She is really so good at it! Aileen was still in the bathroom and when she came out and seeing that I was being served by her best friend, she took over my flaming dick! These 2 girls are so marvelous, really. I started fucking Mercy first, while Aileen was taking out her clothes. Then, finally, once I fucked Mercy’s pussy good enough, it was time to do Aileen once and for good. This was good, especially with her on top. That is, for sure, her best position. We ended with a good doggystyle creampie… after already having Mercy on Tuesday, it was her turn to accept my holy sperm inside her grail. She even said “success” … everybody’s happy now 🙂 After that, they stayed all day. We slept. It was 7pm by the time they left. I don’t know why they didn’t want to stay.