Asiansexdiary - Pa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Pa


Pornstar: Pa

Dear Diary, Had a great day today. I went to eat this afternoon and on my way back, I got a massage with a happy ending. I forgot to bring my camera. Stupid. Later on, I used my pivothead glasses to visit the bars. Many small bars but not many girls… and most of them are MILFs. To my surprise, nobody seemed to see that I was using gear. So that’s good. The pivot head is not that obvious. Found a bar with two crazy girls. I wanted to hook up with the one with her crazy sexy ass, but she and her friend were not interested. Crazy little town. Whatever! I went for a walk back to my hotel when I saw a girl standing in a dark spot of the street. I went to talk with her and she was really cute. 80s style hair and clothes. Cindy Lauper? haha. She was all smiles and we walked together. Her name is Pa and is 24yo. She agreed, instantly, on making pics and video in my room. Lucky night! She was really posing well in my room. It was fun. Taking off her clothes was no problem at all. Hairy provincial pussy. A real piece of meat! Also, a little chubby but a great fat ass. I was into that tonight. Licked her meaty pussy and she loved it. Got a good long BJ that almost made me cum. Fucked her wildly. Her too, especially when she was on top. The best part was the doggy, of course. Just looking at that fat ass was already so exciting. No creampie on the girl’s request, so I wanted to cum in her mouth. I did, but apparently I had no sperm left over after my happy ending this afternoon. Haha. It was great anyways. By the way, guys: After tomorrow, I will go back to Hong Kong and then immediately to China. I miss those Chinese girls too much.