Asiansexdiary - Lucie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lucie


Pornstar: Lucie

Dear Diary, I forgot to mention, yesterday, that I had my blind date with Lucie today. Lucie is one of Dee’s best friends and is now here on vacation with 2 other girls. We had agreed to meet at noon in a shopping mall opposite of my hotel in Kuta. I was too early, so I walked around in the mall to looked for gifts when I suddenly saw a hot blond walking alone in very short jean shorts. I followed her and was like super annoyed that I already had a date today with Lucie!!!! But then… I saw this blonde’s face and I realized that this was in fact fucking Lucie! Hahaha! Damn, I decided to follow her more and shoot in secret then let her go. 30 minutes later, I went to the coffee we had agreed to meet at. I arrived and she was indeed waiting for me there, the same Lucie. This girl was just awesome right from the start. Clearly easy going and horny, so the idea was quickly made to go to my hotel and do a little shoot there. As she is a friend of Dee’s, I can probably assume that she has done some porn or nudes before. Once in my room, the flirting got totally out of control. Kissing, grabbing and taking pics at the same time. It’s not easy! Damn, this girl was so fucking hot and beautiful. Once she was in her bikini, in front of me, I could just not control myself anymore. We kissed and she started to touch my dick. From there, it went all-the-way hardcore… just watch the video and see. I really really enjoyed this fuck! She even begged me to creampie her… my first Christmas gift of this trip. She is now still here with me and will sleep over. So, probably more to come tomorrow morning…