Asiansexdiary - Normi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Normi


Pornstar: Normi

Dear Diary, Woke up early, this morning, and walked in Old Town towards the little park I had seen earlier this week. I was really ambitious to find new pussy today and I started to give up when there was absolutely nobody in the park. Just on my way out of the park, a girl arrived with her motorbike and walked inside the park in my direction. I already packed my camera, as I was not expecting anything anymore today. The girl smiled at me and said “hello”. She looked chubby but I could see that she had nice boobs, so I replied to her and started to talk with her. Her name is Normi, a 19yo local Malaysian student. She only had classes in the afternoon so she still had time. Finally, I was getting my university student catch! I could feel that she really liked me, so we sat down and continued to talk. I asked her if I could take a picture there and she said “yes”. First good sign. 10 minutes later, I simply asked her to take more pics in my room and she gave me a big smile. The game was on, so off to my new hotel. Once inside, we were already touching and kissing each other. It went so easy and even if she was not a stunner, she was exactly what I needed today. A good girl next door with big boobs that has never fucked a foreigner before. That was so horny! She undressed and her boobs were just perfect. Nice fat ass, as well. Perfect for a horny fuck. You can see that she really enjoyed this a lot. She asked me not to creampie her, so I gave her a facial and cumshots to the tits! We then talked a little longer before she left at noon, to go to the university. I have her number for probably another round. I stayed in my room, this afternoon, getting so upset with all the noise coming out of the pool. There was some kind of event in my hotel today. Fuck it.