Asiansexdiary - Paw: Shower fuck
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Paw: Shower fuck


Pornstar: Paw

Dear Diary, I was kind of lazy today and decided to call another girl I once shot for Tuktukpatrol again. Her name is Paw, a 19yo girl from Pattaya. I know that I can call that type of girl anytime. These girls are always available and I remembered this one liked to be filmed. A naughty little monster. She arrived at 1pm. Perfect. I was sure Pang would not come back before 6pm. Time enough to have fun. We started with a good shower and could not wait so I started to fuck her there. Paw really has the right horny attitude. After the shower, she danced a little for me and then we continued in bed. This was a classic fuck. Nasty and deep. I was so horny that I totally forgot about my little game. The moment I realized I had to do another Dress revenge, I found out that Pang had taken the third dress that I still had to use for my revenge. I will need to do that tomorrow and be sure she leaves the right dress in the closet. Anyways, I creampied my slut and we had fun til 4pm. I wanted to go for a third round but it seems she had enough of it. Understandable since she still has to go to work tonight. Ok guys, tomorrow I will go for part 3 of my revenge game. Promise!