Asiansexdiary - Winda
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Winda


Pornstar: Winda B

Dear Diary, I decided to go out to Love Lane, tonight, despite not being very successful there before. But – tonight was another night. Of course, I already had planned a date with the Spanish chicka but I had to wait for her message first (that’s what she told me). So, I went to sit in a bar and waited. After just sitting for 5 minutes, a beautiful local girl came to sit close to me. I started to film right away and tried to talk to her. Her name is Winda, a 22yo Malaysian girl with poor English. She’s a saleslady in a little lingerie store out of town. We had to talk with my translate app. She was very cool and easy going. Loved her yellow raincoat on a hot night, haha. After like 30 min of talking, I introduced the idea of making some pics of her. I told her that I am a professional photographer and that I would love her to be my model. She totally loved the idea, telling me it has always had been her dream to be a model. The flirting went on and on and then I simply asked her to go to my place. She said yes… so off we went. It was clear that we both knew what was going to come next. I honestly did not expect her to be so easy about posing. She was giving the best of herself, taking sexy poses and undressing when I was asking. I, of course, touched and kissed her and even before she could take off her bra and pants, she was caressing my dick already. She took my dick out of my pants and started to give me one of the best BJ’s I’ve had in Malaysia, even better then Siska. Damn, so good. You could see how passionate and horny she was… I could of came at any time. I then ate her pussy and fucked her in doggy. What a nice skinny body and hairy pussy! We continued to kiss like lovers. This was so fucking horny. She came twice herself and I creampied her. No questions asked, as simple as that. She then wanted to stay but I found an excuse to let her go home, as I was still waiting for the Spanish girl’s message. I was now hoping that she was not going to cancel our date as I could have kept Winda all night. But anyways, Winda gave me her number and left and I just now got a message from the Spanish girl, to meet in 2 hours. So, we’re good and that will be for tomorrow.